Take Audience Participation To The Next Level
Are you running events and shows? Offering daily specials? Human Input is your fully customizable electronic program and much more! You can give your customers prizes randomly or let them vote on what they’ve just seen, heard or tasted! Run contests and promotions effortlessly with in house advertising about specials and upcoming events. Human Input lets you do all of it in an easy and exciting way that gets people coming back to your venue and keeps them entertained and engaged.
Want to make your show more engaging to your audience? Add an element that nobody has seen before? Let them know about what, where and with who, or when and how to get there at anytime with Human Input. Now performing, sponsor advertising and merchandising or future show specials, it’s all available to you. Run one or several random prize draws before during and after your event and keep your audience entertained and informed. You can also get their feedback on any part of the show with real time voting. Know what’s working and what isn’t. Even if you’re not there!
Want to take your audiences with you? How about making sure everyone in that audience knows who you are and where to follow you? Sure you could tell them at the start of your show, at the end and maybe even a few times in the middle but how about all the time? What if they could hook up with you the moment you struck a chord with them? Start logging with precision the number of people you’ve performed in front of and what they think of you and take numbers you can use for grants and better pay checks! Your lifetime of performances and audiences should back you as a performer, not disappear the moment the show is over. It’s never been easier to get and keep your fans in one place!
Looking to get your product out there? Human Input has thousands of opportunities to do it locally or nationally. Contact us to find out if we have space for your brand!